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Support The Walk 2020: Oklahoma to California

I am walking across our great nation to discover some answers and perhaps wisdom from all Americans!
Come walk with me for 10 minutes or 10 miles. Be a part of my documentary.
Favorite mantra: Fear makes the Wolf bigger than he is.

Follow my journey and support me along the way!
Second Stretch March 2020

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Want to walk with David Merritt?

SEE WHERE HE IS NOW!!!David's Second Stretch: March 1st, 2020

When enough is enough!

Sometimes a long walk is good medicine. Our nation cannot continue down this road of continued divisiveness and hatred, I ask you to join me on my walk of one nation to seek answers and truths about how we bring our beloved country back together. Walk with me for 10 minutes or an entire state and we will explore our truths and how we will be better together than we are apart.

Second Stretch Starting: March 1, 2020

Follow David Merritt as he walks from coast to coast.

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