April 19: North Little Rock and Little Rock, AR

April 19: North Little Rock and Little Rock, AR

Make sure you read to the bottom to hear two great interviews, one from the Tropical Smoothie and the other from Pete.


From Virginia Beach to the Arkansas River. I can hardly believe it.


So this was perhaps one of the most unexpected things of my walk so far. After crossing the Arkansas River at the base of the bridge is a memorial garden to Grand Master Lee. He was the grand master of the style I studied for years in Virginia Beach. Who knew? I think we have the same smile!

Staying at the coolest Hostel ever, the Firehouse Hostel and Museum in Little Rock. Definitely coming back to this place to stay!

I swear if I see one of these in the desert I am going straight home! Whoa. 

And then I met Pete. He is a great guy. Let's help one another.


You know I like cold drinks. I met some sweet ladies at the Tropical Smoothie. They said Pay It Forward and Make someone Smile!


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