April 8: Just for Fun

April 8: Just for Fun

So when you are trying to sleep by a river and .....

and you hear a .22 rifle discharge but it turns out to be a .......

a beaver slapping his tail! www.walkofonenation.us #walkofonenation Like and share if you would like to see me keep going and thank you!

So nothing against Oprah Winfrey but she knows squat about an "aha moment". Try walking 700 miles and the last two weeks in a single pair of socks - then change to a brand new more cushiony pair of these - "aha redefined"!!!

Really liked this camp site... Www.walkofonenation.us #walkofonenation walk with with me 10 miles or 10 minutes. We're uniting America once again together. One step at a time. Follow my blog and see interviews of people I have met so far. #travelers #videooftheday


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I am walking across our great nation to discover some answers and perhaps wisdom from all Americans!
Come walk with me for 10 minutes or 10 miles. Be a part of my documentary.
Favorite mantra: Fear makes the Wolf bigger than he is.

David Merritt