March 11: Bill and Nephew Saved my Life- TX

March 11: Bill and Nephew Saved my Life- TX

So what a story this was- I was 8 miles from the nearest watering hole and down to 3 gulps of water in my bladder that I was desperately hanging on to. 92 year old Bill and his nephew and a stinky old hound dog picked me up bought me a Gatorade and a Texas Lottery ticket and sent me on my way. Saved my life and almost made me rich! Thanks Bill, Rob and hound dog!

Should I dare??? I don't even want to know!!!

Slowly crossing Amarillo today. I interviewed Jay- gave him a 10 spot for something to eat.

Limited opinions here in Texas and I think that says a lot...

Awesome perspective from Gladys... Still in Amarillo

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