March 20: Konnarock, Va

March 20: Konnarock, Va

It's the first day of spring. Wow, what a day. I had a very long productive high mileage day!

Why I am walking and where I ended up today.(watch and listen for more...)


What a great interview with this young man. "We were all different when we got here and I think we just need to accept each other for our flaws and get along." Spoken by a young man name Matthew. Thank you for your hospitality. Listen to more in this video clip.


Samantha Hampton shares, "I know this place, the Highlands of Virginia. It's something like 5,798 ft elevation at the top. When I was there, in 2002 in May, there was ice on top and it is told that there was a battle fought there with the Native Indians that resulted in a fire destroying all the vegetation and trees at the top summit. It has never grown back. Alpine classification is 6,000 ft and would not allow the regrowth so scientists are studying this. "

A Japanese haiku "one bloom", spring everywhere!
Laurel Valley Community Church (1945)

Tommy Shepherd a local that was raised in the shadow of Mount Rogers (right behind him) had several good stories for me. Told me how the Log Church almost burned down because a drunk set it on fire!

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Favorite mantra: Fear makes the Wolf bigger than he is.

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